Visma Enterprise, Visma Public and Visma Holdin Finland – Avila’s long-term partners

After working with Avila, we have the feeling that Avila could actually be part of Visma”, Says Eliisa Valkonen. Eliisa is the People and Culture Diferctor of Visma Enterprise, Visma Public and Visma Holding Finland, as well as Visma’s Country HR.

Visma Enterprise, Visma Public and Visma Holding Finland are Avila’s long-term partners and many dozens of joint recruitments have been carried out over the past years.

Partnership is based on long-term cooperation

Visma and Avila met in 2020 during the presentation of a recruitment software that Avila was working with. The planned cooperation eventually turned to Avila’s direct search services. The joint recruitment projects started with the direct search for roles such as Product Specialist, Sales Manager, and Product Development at Visma Enterprise and Visma Public. The quality of Avila’s work in the direct searches was convincing and has built the basis for long-term cooperation within the Visma branch. Sometimes direct search is used as the sole recruitment tool, sometime as a support to the advertised search.

Visma companies provide professional, software and digital services to a wide range of industries. During the last years there has been several recruitments, and the companies managed by Valkonen have generally enjoyed strong growth.

“Typically, direct searches carried out in cooperation with Avila focus on finding experts in different technologies, because in the current labour market and global situation, these are also challenging recruitments for us”, says Valkonen and continues: “Working with Avila is smooth and efficient, they always find a solution to every situation, We have built a very symbiotic way of working and this has been really liked by our recruiting managers”.

Speaking the same language as an important factor

Quality direct search requires a deep understanding of the client’s brand image, communication styles and values, and the capacity to incorporate these into direct search processes.

“The success of a direct search and the quality of the work really depends on who is conducting it”, says Valkonen and continues; “Avila’s recruitment consultants who work on behalf of Visma, knows us and our companies very well. This is reflected in the fact that they speak the same language as us and communicate the way we would if we were recruiting ourselves. This is a really important factor for us” says Valkonen.

Knowing and adopting the client’s communication practices will enable candidates to get the most accurate picture of the company right from the start of the recruiting process, and to support the client’s employer image in the best possible way. This is also reflected in the feedback given by candidates.

“We get really good feedback from our candidates about the speed and effective communication of Avila’s recruiting process. Although there might be disappointments in recruitment situations with negative decisions, it is very important that the recruitment process itself always leaves a positive impression”, says Valkonen.

Genuine focus on finding the right candidates

Avila’s mission has been built on the premise that results are aspect that most matters in recruitment, and the highest goal is to help organizations find the right people for the right roles, efficiently and reliably.

“We find that Avila has genuine focus on finding us the best candidate, rather than optimizing their own process or costs”, says Valkonen.

Especially during recruitments with challenging or unexpected schedules, the sustainability, speed and flexibility of the direct search process is also measured.  Regardless of the situation, the best results are achieved though sector knowledge, the right criteria and an effective attitude.

“There is certain agility in how Avila operates, even in a hurry. Avila takes clear responsibility for making sure that what is agreed happens on time, and we don’t have to wonder where we are standing. Avila’s process is really straightforward, regardless of the recruitment process, which we really appreciate.” – Eliisa Valkonen




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