Psychological Personal Assessment

Psychological personal assessment is an effective way to assess the skills and personality of professionals. Through our comprehensive services, we identify the most suitable employee for the role and the organisation at specialist, management and executive levels.

Psychological assessment to support personnel selection and development

Our psychological assessment services are based on a psychological approach, multi-method and reliable assessment tasks and a comprehensive assessment report. In the recruitment process, our personal assessments provide an objective tool to determine a candidate’s potential for success in the role and in the organisation. In addition, they are well suited to developing the strengths and competencies of employees.

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Why Avila?

Assessment & Methodology

Reliable assessment methods

The certified assessment exercises we use have undergone scientific peer review and the conclusions of the personal assessment are always based on several methods. In structured interviews, we use a coaching approach and focus on the experiences and thoughts of the participant. Individual assessments are carried out by assessment psychologists certified in assessment methods.

Hiring & Orientation

Recommendation and advice on orientation

Avila’s personal assessment always provides a clear recommendation on the suitability of the participant for the role and the work community. In recruitment assessment, our evaluation framework provides a good starting point for the cooperation between the client and the candidate by providing an orientation compass for the beginning of the employment relationship. The recruiting manager gets concrete tips on how to orientate and lead the new employee at the beginning of the employment relationship.

Candidate experience & final decision

Positive participant experience

The personal assessment allows participants to reflect on and identify their own strengths and areas for development. The assessment provides concrete benefits and helps to understand one’s own working practices, which is useful when starting a new job or when moving on to new responsibilities. The content of the evaluation report can also help in understanding a possible negative recruitment decision.

Our services

Our comprehensive and quickly delivered personality assessments for all levels of employees.

Expert level assessment

The psychological assessment takes a position on the candidate’s suitability, providing an objective view of the selection decision. The assessment provides a clear recommendation and concrete support for the orientation and guidance of the new employee.

Manager level assessment

The manager-level assessment helps to gain a holistic understanding of candidates’ strengths, developmental areas and critical competences, and provides in-depth insight into their leadership potential.

Executive level assessment

When recruiting executives, it is particularly important to identify their personality and working habits, as they have a major impact on the business and the work community. A leadership assessment will select the most appropriate leader for your organisation’s values.

Potential assessment

Potential assessment can be used to identify the strengths and motivational factors of an organisation’s employees to support the design and continuous development of career path strategies.

Steps of our evaluation process

Our flexible and fast assessments can be completed within 3-5 working days. Our assessments consist of multi-method tasks and an interview with a psychologist. Both the client and the candidate receive a final report of the assessment with the same content. The report will give a clear recommendation on suitability for the role.


Assessment definition meeting

  • Start within 24 hours from the decision
  • Defining the criteria for the task together with the client


Pre-assignments and interviews

  • Candidates will be provided with the pre-assessment tasks
  • Structured interview with a psychologist


Delivery of reports

  • Comprehensive written summary reports
  • Same reports are submitted to the client and the candidate


Reporting Meeting

  • Clear recommendation for personnel selection
  • In recruitment, a proactive approach to onboarding that supports the recruiting manager

Our service promise

Our experienced and skilled team of psychologists will help you identify the most suitable employee for the role and the organisation.


Licensed and methodology-certified psychologists are in charge of the entire evaluation process


We effectively map the organization’s business, mission, requirements of the role and the prerequisites for succeeding in it.


A clear recommendation supports the recruitment decision, and the compass of onboarding provides tips for the beginning of the employment relationship.


We provide an open and flexible process that is carried out independently of physical location and in accordance with the candidate’s own schedules.


Please contact us, we will be happy to help you with any questions you may have about psychological assessment.



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Assessment Psychologist

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