Psychological Assessment

Avila’s psychological assessment examines the candidate’s prerequisites for succeeding in the role by examining motivation, behaviour and interaction, as well as abilities to cope with the job and its demands. 

Psychological assessment supports in making the right recruitment selection

Employee assessment objectively measures candidate and role compatibility through a variety of diverse and psychological tasks. Our licensed psychologists help organizations find the best person for the role and effectively avoid costly misrecruitments.

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Why Avila?

Assessments & Methods

Reliable assessment methods

The certified tasks we use in our assessments have undergone scientific peer review. Conclusions are always formed on the basis of multiple methods. The structured interview utilizes a coaching approach and focuses on the candidate’s experiences. The assessments are carried out by Avila’s Assessment Psychologists, who are certified in the methods used.

Hiring & Onboarding

Recommendation and onboarding compass

Avila’s assessment psychologist always gives a clear recommendation about candidate’s suitability, that gives support to hiring manager’s decision-making. Our assessment gives a good starting point for cooperation between the client and the candidate by providing an on-boarding compass to the beginning of the employment relationship. The hiring manager receives concrete tips on how to onboard and lead the new employee at the beginning of the collaboration.

Candidate experience & selection

Candidate experience at the heart of our operations

In the psychological assessment, candidates will be able to reflect and identify their own strengths and development goals. The assessment provides tangible benefits and helps candidates to understand their own operating methods and practices at work, which will be useful at the beginning of the new employment relationship. The content of the assessment report can also help in understanding a possible negative recruitment decision.

Steps of our evaluation process

Our flexible and fast assessment service is carried out in 3 to 5 business days. Our assessment consist of multi-method tasks and a structured interview with a psychologist. Both, the candidate and the client receive a final report on the assessment that includes the same content. The report gives a clear recommendation on suitability for the role and takes a stand on the candidate’s on-boarding.


Assessment definition meeting

  • Start within 24 hours from the decision
  • Defining the criteria for the task together with the client


Pre-assignments and interviews

  • Work personality, working and interaction patterns assessments
  • Tasks that measure problem-solving and logical reasoning ability
  • Semi-structured interview with a psychologist


Delivery of reports

  • Comprehensive written summary reports
  • Same reports are submitted to the client and the candidate


Reporting meeting

  • Clear recommendation for personnel selection
  • A proactive approach to onboarding that supports the recruiting manager

Our service promise

Our experienced and professional team of psychologists will identify the most suitable employee for the organization.


Licensed and methodology-certified psychologists are in charge of the entire evaluation process.


We effectively map the organization’s business, mission, requirements of the role and the prerequisites for succeeding in it.


A clear recommendation supports the recruitment decision, and the compass of onboarding provides tips for the beginning of the employment relationship.


We provide an open and flexible process that is carried out independently of physical location and in accordance with the candidate’s own schedules.

When should psychological assessments be used?

To support recruitment decision-making

Psychological assessment supports in new and replacement recruitments. The assessment can be carried out at several expert levels, from manager-level roles to employee-level roles.

In personnel development

Assessment can be used to identify employees’ strengths and development goals. This knowledge acquired allows staff members to develop more effectively and target their strengths in the right areas, for example through training and coaching.

In internal recruitment and organizational reorganization

Assessment is used to support companies when they are redesigning staffing levels. The evaluation ensures an objective perspective to help the organization to make the right decisions based on the motivation, strengths and organizational fit of employees. 

Our assessment services for all skill levels in your organization

Contact us, we will give you an exact quote within 24 hours. Prices VAT 0%. Transparent pricing model — no hidden costs or surprises.


Expert-level psychological assessments

  • Assessment of motivation, problem-solving, working and interaction skills
  • Possibility to assess suitability at organisational level
  • The assessment includes a comprehensive report and a recommendation on suitability for the role



Management level assessments

  • Assessment of motivation, problem-solving skills, management style and work methods
  • Possibility to assess suitability at organisational level
  • The assessment includes a comprehensive report and a recommendation on suitability for the role

1 490€


Demanding management level assessments

  • Comprehensive management assessment
  • Assessment of motivation, problem-solving skills, leadership style, working and interaction styles and organisational fit
  • The assessment includes a report and a recommendation on suitability for the role

1 990€


Our assessment psychologists are happy to help.




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Assessment Psychologist

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