Potential Assessment

Potential assessment can be used to identify the strengths, skills and motivation of an organisation’s employees to support career path planning and continuous development.

The potential assessment identifies the development and growth potential of employees

Employee potential assessment serves as a tool for organisational growth and development. The survey helps to identify employees’ skills, areas for development and their potential as a manager, among other things. It helps to understand the career paths that employees can take within the organisation in the short and long term.

Assessment & Methodology

Reliable assessment methods

Potential assessment is a large-scale personal assessment. It uses similar assessment methods to those used in recruitment aptitude assessments, but here the psychologist’s interview focuses more comprehensively on the participant’s strengths, learning opportunities and areas for development than in a job-specific aptitude assessment. The certified assessment tasks we use have undergone scientific peer review and conclusions are always drawn from multiple methods. Assessments are conducted by certified psychologists.

Development & Change situations

Comprehensive assessment framework

Typically, potential assessments are used for career path planning, to assess managerial and leadership skills, and to assess the development needs of employees. Potential assessment also adds value in situations of organisational change, such as company reorganisations or acquisitions and the subsequent orientation period.

Mentoring & Growth

Continuous employee development

Potential assessment can be used to mentor an individual, such as a promising employee or new recruit, and to identify growth opportunities. It can also be carried out on a team basis or as part of a wider staff development programme. For the employee, it helps to identify their own strengths and areas for development and to plan their career path more accurately.

Steps of our evaluation process

Our assessments consist of multi-method tasks and a structured interview with a psychologist. The client and the candidate will receive a final evaluation report with the same content.


Assess­ment definition meeting

  • Start within 24 hours from the decision
  • Defining the criteria for the assessment together with the client


Pre-assign­ments and interviews

  • Assessment of work personality, working and interaction styles
  • Problem-solving and logical reasoning tasks
  • Comprehensive interview with a psychologist
  • Assessment of specific competences


Delivery of reports

  • Comprehensive written report for each candidate
  • The reports are submitted to the employer and the candidate with the same content


Reporting meeting

  • Review and analysis of the assessment report
  • Recommendations and summaries

Potential Assessment

Do you need a potential mapping quickly to support your recruitment? We can start our assessments within 24 hours.

  • Assessing motivation
    Linguistic, spatial and numerical reasoning skills
  • Assessment of working and interaction methods
  • Interview with a psychologist
  • Comprehensive report and debriefing with the psychologist

The assessment includes

  • Assessing motivation
    Linguistic, spatial and numerical reasoning skills
  • Assessment of working and interaction methods
  • Interview with a psychologist
  • Comprehensive report and debriefing with the psychologist
1 090 €

Expert Level Assessment

The assessment takes a stand on the candidate’s suitability, providing an objective view on the selection decision. The assessment provides a clear recommendation and concrete support for the orientation and guidance of the new employee.

Management Level Assessment

The assessment of a management-level candidate’s suitability helps to gain a holistic understanding of their strengths, developmental areas and critical competences, and provides in-depth insight into their leadership potential.


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