Outplacement service

Outplacement helps your organisation to act as a responsible employer in change negotiation situations. We provide professional and humane support to employees and the organisation through outplacement service and career coaching.

Outplacement is based on an organisational and individual approach

The aim of outplacement is to help participants find employment and a new direction in their career through effective coaching and employment support. Each person is affected differently by the change situation and has a different initial job search situation. We always build our coaching from service modules to a tailor-made organisational and individual basis, with the aim of providing our participants with individual support.

Service modules:

Tailored coaching

Individual coaching

Individual coaching is conducted with the support of personal coaches and a tailor-made plan. Certified psychologist and a coaching consultant are delivering the coaching sessions, and it is built around a plan of modules, according to each participant’s objectives. During the coaching process, the individual’s strengths are identified through a personal assessment, career options are mapped and personal competences are made visible.

Peer support from coaching

Group coaching

Group coaching is conducted by going through important common themes of adapting to change and developing each’s own strengths. Coaching includes group training, webinars and work and interaction analyses. These can be complemented by individual meetings as requested by the client.

Virtual job search platform

Digital platform for coaching

The coaching platform contains useful materials to support change, career planning and job search. Through the platform, candidates can take online courses, view support materials and complete self-study in between coaching sessions. The platform allows us to support the job search with an ongoing and longer-term coaching service.

Steps of Outplacement service

Typically, a coaching programme lasts 3-6 months and involves meetings 4-12 times at approximately 2-4 week intervals. Coaching sessions can be conducted face-to-face, regardless of location, or securely via an online meeting.  We provide participants with professional support and coaching from a certified psychologist and coaching consultant. Our tools include psychological methods and career and job search coaching. 


Start of the coaching

  • Familiarisation with the change situation
  • Meeting with the client organization
  • Orientation meeting for participants
  • Definition of objectives for each participant


Delivering modules

  • Building a coaching plan for each individual
  • Implementation per module
  • Additional tasks for the trainee between meetings


Measuring effectiveness

  • Summarising lessons learned and further planning
  • Measures to promote employment
  • Support from a coach in active job search


Decision and follow-up

  • Decision discussion with the trainee
  • Monitoring of effectiveness and reporting to the client
  • Invoicing only for completed coaching sessions

Why choose us as your partner?

We know that success requires managing several factors. Here’s our service promise:

Experienced consultants

Our insight and advice is backed by more than 10,000 hours of recruitment interviews every year

Certified methodologies

Methodologies are supported by professionals who can  support in developing one’s work personality

A personalised approach

Every change situation is unique and we structure our coaching sessions around individual modules

Effectiveness measurement

We follow the outplacement project from start to finish and measure its effectiveness and participant satisfaction

Benefits of outplacement services for the organisation

Employee support

We provide individual support to employees in their transition to the next stage of their career. We tailor programmes to the needs of each employee.

Rapid responsiveness

We know that change can be urgent. We strive to provide fast and flexible support to help your organization move forward smoothly.

Tailored solutions

Every organisation is different, so we offer tailor-made solutions to suit your needs. We help you implement a change management strategy that works best in your situation.

Prices & Questions

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