LeaseGreen Oy: Avila’s comprehensive direct search service supports LeaseGreen’s recruitment efforts

LeaseGreen Oy is a Finnish energy efficiency and environmental services company that helps its customers save energy, reduce their carbon footprint and improve indoor air quality.

The company offers a full end-to-end service including energy management services, modernisation of building services as turnkey projects and optimisation of property performance through digital twins. LeaseGreen’s clients include real estate investors, industry and housing associations.

LeaseGreen assists its clients with a team of around 30 engineers and business experts. Avila has been able to support the company’s growth through successful recruitments over the past few years.

Efficient project management ensures smooth cooperation

Avila’s cooperation with LeaseGreen started with a direct recruitment assignment for a project manager in early 2021. Jere Kilpi, Commercial Director, has already acted as a recruiting manager in a couple of common direct recruitment assignments.

“We have worked with Avila on several occasions and it is great to see the processes evolving and a large and competent team around the project,” comments Kilpi.

In spring 2023, Kilpi used a direct search to find a new Sales Manager to join LeaseGreen’s sales team who would be responsible for acquiring new customers and managing existing customer relationships.

“Everyone involved did a good job and carried the projects forward in the agreed timeframe. Avila’s project management and scheduling skills are excellent and even stand out from the other providers. From our point of view, the end results of the recruitment were really good,” says Kilpi.

LeaseGreen has a strong commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability, and the company wants to be a pioneer in changing the way energy is consumed and produced to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

For the role of Sales Manager, the company was looking for a B2B sales professional with experience in building services, technical solutions or real estate. However, identifying candidates with a certain level of technical expertise and sales skills requires the recruiter to have a broad knowledge of the market and to be precise in defining the criteria and the role description.

“With Avila, right from the start, the list of candidates was very good. They had a clear understanding of our needs and the type of person we were looking for. This was a clear exception compared to many other providers,” says Kilpi.

Psychological aptitude assessment to support the recruitment decision

A psychological assessment has been incorporated into Avila’s direct recruitment process to support the recruitment decision making process and to assess the candidate’s ability to succeed in the role.

At LeaseGreen, personal assessments are a familiar part of recruitment processes. The assessment is always based on the criteria of the role and focuses on the candidate’s motivation, abilities, working style, cooperation skills and what kind of aspects the candidate would benefit as being managed.

Kilpi sees the assessment as a positive addition to the recruitment process: “I have liked the fact that, as a recruiting manager, the assessment confirms my impressions of potential employees that I have formed during the recruitment process.”

In the role of the sales manager in recruitment, Kilpi particularly emphasises the perspective that the assessment brings to the candidate’s working habits and preferences, as well as to the way they are managed. The assessment report also provides the supervisor with tips and guidance on how to orientate the candidate at the beginning of the cooperation.

“The candidates’ preferences for different ways of working, identified through the aptitude assessment, added clear value to the recruitment decision. This supported a lot of the insight we had already gained during the interviews.”

The companies will continue to work together on a new direct search assignment in autumn 2023. Avila thanks LeaseGreen for the successful cooperation and wishes them success for the future!




Matias Saarni
040 359 0156

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