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We offer comprehensive research services for HRD. We believe that informed decisions are the key to successful organizational growth and development. That’s why we offer customized research solutions to help organizations to achieve their business goals.

Knowledge to support HR development

Strategic personnel development contributes to the well-being of employees and has a positive impact on the employer’s image. Through HRD, organization gains a comprehensive understanding and objective view of how managers, supervisors and employees perceive their own role in the organization.

Research services effectively identify development needs and opportunities. As a result, the organization has a competent work community, whose members have a better self-esteem, motivation, and confidence in the organization.

Our services

We offer a wide range of research services that cover different needs in staff development:

360 Evaluation (EASI + OPTO)

Development of management work

Avila’s modern 360 assessments are a powerful tool that gives you an encompassing view of your organization’s management team’s work. The evaluation is based on diverse feedback collected from different stakeholders. The end result is a comprehensive insight into the management’s problem-solving, motivation, and behavioral styles, as well as a clear report that supports the personal development plan. The 360 assessment is based on a psychometrically reliable personality test according to a five-vector model (OPTO) and a modern four-field typology (EASI).


Building team well-being and togetherness

Avila’s tools for developing teamwork can illustrate different behavioral and motivational styles in teamwork contexts. Organizations can perceive differences in working styles and create a coherent frame of reference that can be used to develop interactions between individuals and teams. As a result, the organization clearly sees the strengths of different working styles, which contributes to a more understanding and appreciative work culture.

Employer branding

Strengthening the employer image

A strong employer image can give an organization a competitive advantage. Employer image is the perception of employees and potential job seekers about the company as an employer. The study seeks to map out how the company is perceived as in the eyes of potential employees. In the study, information is collected through honest, straightforward feedback and surveys. Strengthening the employer’s image begins with the definition work, after which the research phase and analysis are carried out. As a result, the organization receives a research manual as well as help for the implementation of the strategy. 

Why Choose Us?

Experienced specialists

We help in the planning of the personnel strategy and base the recommendations on the most current vision of the pulse of the labor market.

Certified methods

Employees are supported by certified psychologists and professionals who are able to support in the development of working personality.

Individual Approach

Every situation and organization is unique, and our approach reflects and respects that.

Adaptive service models

We tailor our services to the changing situation, taking into account the wishes and needs of the client and employees.


We are here to help organizations and their employees to evolve. Contact us, so we can find out how we can be of assistance. 


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