HAVI Logistics trusts in Avila’s direct search process 

HAVI Logistics is a global, privately owned company that connects people with ideas, data with insights, supply with demand, restaurants with deliveries and ultimately, people with the products they love. Whether they are sourcing, storing or delivering products, HAVI brings unmatched category expertise and unrivaled operational excellence, combined with powerful digital analytics and insights.

Founded in 1974, HAVI’s diverse teams collaborate across locations, functions, and business lines to solve problems and serve customers. HAVI employs in over 45 different countries, with approximately 80 employees in Finland and over 480 in the Nordics. 

In recent years, HAVI has experienced growth in the Nordic markets. New customer acquisitions have had a positive impact on employee numbers, leading to new job opportunities in sales, transportation, sustainability, and operations departments. Further growth is anticipated on the horizon.

For usthe year 2023 has been a core year to focus on the internal process and prepare the organizations for more future growth. We have ambitious plans to increase our headcount across several departments in the coming years”, explains Rori Ölander.

Ölander is currently holding the position of Nordic HR Lead in the company and managing a team of four HR specialists in Finland, Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. Additionally, Ölander is responsible for talent development, diversity, and inclusion at the company’s cluster level.

Emerging of the dynamic partnership

Between 2021 and 2022, Avila collaborated with HAVI on the direct search for roles such as Transportation Manager, Key Account Manager, and Circular Economy Manager.

In the spring 2023, Avila and HAVI partnered once more when Ölander was looking for a new HR specialist for a fixed-term role with the possibility of extension of the employment. This role would oversee HR operations in the Finnish market. Ölander had heard about Avila’s previous recruitments with the company, which led to a new collaboration. 

In this broad and responsible role, I was especially looking for a candidate who would be ready to take ownership of Havi’s HR operations in Finland”, comments Ölander. 

Leveraging employer branding with a hybrid direct search approach

The direct search process always begins with defining the criteria, analyzing the company’s situation, and formulating the recruitment strategy. For the fixed-term position, Avila’s recruitment consultant recognized the opportunity for a hybrid search, combining a direct search with a public job announcement. This combination would help on identifying better those candidates actively looking for new opportunities. 

We were pleasantly surprised to find highly qualified individuals in the job market actively seeking new career opportunities. Sometimes we always focus on that it might be difficult to find someone for a temporary job, but it was not in this case”, says Ölander. 

With positive employer branding, interest was generated even among those currently in permanent positions.

It was nice to notice that HAVI and the role itself seemed interesting also to those candidates who are currently employed in permanent roles. Some of them were very eager to learn more about the opportunity and the company” says Ölander, adding: “This indicates that our brand appeals to potential candidates.”

Structured recruitment process bringing added value

Ölander states, that during her career she has collaborated with several recruiting companies. In a partnership, she especially values a clear, structured process. 

I think Avila has very well-thought-out process in the recruitment. I have been in the HR business for over 30 years, and I haven’t experienced such a structured process before.”

Avila has focused on providing a clear procedure where the client always knows the current stage of the recruitment and the next steps. This transparency is supported by consistent communication. 

If there’s a structured process, then I trust it each step of the way. While recruiting can have its challenges, a solid process yields results in the end,” states Ölander.

The new HR Specialist in Finland incorporated into the company in July. According to Ölander, the collaboration has begun very positively and smoothly.  

Avila wishes success to HAVI and expresses gratitude for the trust and collaboration! 



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