Expert Level Assessment

Avila’s psychological aptitude assessment assesses an expert’s ability to succeed in a new role by examining motivation, behaviour, interaction and abilities in relation to the role and its demands.

Psychological aptitude assessment helps you to make the right recruitment decision

Avila’s psychological aptitude assessment objectively measures the compatibility of the candidate and the role through multiple psychological tasks. Our licensed psychologists help organisations select the most suitable experts for roles and effectively avoid costly mis-hires.

Assessment & Methodology

Reliable assessment methods

The certified assessment tasks we use have undergone scientific peer review and conclusions are always reached on the basis of several methods. The structured interview adopts a coaching approach and focuses on the candidate’s experience. Aptitude assessments are carried out by assessment psychologists certified in assessment methods.

recruitment and orientation

Recommendation and orientation compass

Avila’s assessment psychologist always makes a clear recommendation to support the recruiting manager’s decision-making process. Our assessment framework provides a good starting point for the cooperation between the client and the candidate by providing an orientation compass for the beginning of the employment relationship. The hiring manager receives concrete tips on how to orient and lead the new employee at the beginning of the employment relationship.

Candidate experience & decision

Focus on the candidate experience

The aptitude assessment allows the candidate to reflect on and identify their own strengths and areas for development. The assessment will provide the candidate with concrete benefits and help them to understand their own ways of working, which will be useful when they start their employment. The content of the assessment report can also help in understanding a possible negative recruitment decision.

Steps of our evaluation process

Our flexible and fast assessment service is carried out in 3 to 5 business days. Our assessment consist of multi-method tasks and a structured interview with a psychologist. Both, the candidate and the client receive a final report on the assessment that includes the same content. The report gives a clear recommendation on suitability for the role and takes a stand on the candidate’s on-boarding.


Assessment definition meeting

  • Start within 24 hours from the decision
  • Defining the criteria for the task together with the client


Pre-assignments and interviews

  • Work personality, working and interaction patterns assessments
  • Tasks that measure problem-solving and logical reasoning ability
  • Semi-structured interview with a psychologist


Delivery of reports

  • Comprehensive written summary reports
  • Same reports are submitted to the client and the candidate


Reporting meeting

  • Clear recommendation for personnel selection
  • A proactive approach to onboarding that supports the recruiting manager

Expert-level assessment

Do you need a psychological assessment quickly to support your selection? We can start our assessments within 24 hours.

  • Assessing motivation
  • Linguistic, spatial and numerical reasoning skills
  • Assessment of working and interaction methods
  • Interview with a psychologist
  • Comprehensive report and debriefing with the psychologist

Assessment includes:

  • Assessing motivation
  • Linguistic, spatial and numerical reasoning skills
  • Assessment of working and interaction methods
  • Interview with a psychologist
  • Comprehensive report and debriefing with the psychologist
990 €

Management level assessment

The management-level assessment helps to gain a holistic understanding of candidates’ strengths, developmental areas and critical competences, and provides in-depth insight into their leadership potential.

Executive level assessment

Leadership is a key factor in the success of an organisation’s business. Their decisions, vision and leadership style can significantly shape the direction and performance of the organisation.


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