Executive Search is a tailored process for direct searches of senior management and board member professionals. We act as an advisor and partner ensuring that the most suitable person for the organization and role is selected.

Strong organization-specific understanding to support success

Executive Search assignments culminate in our professional expertise, strong network of contacts and extensive industry experience. Our success is based on a strategic understanding and deep analysis of the client’s organisation and its current situation. In cooperation, we define a clear leadership profile, on the basis of which we carry out extensive candidate identification and target the search to the best candidates.

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Why Avila?

Quality & Reliability

Individual and tailored operating model

We know what it takes to lead successfully. At the beginning of each recruitment process, we carry out a comprehensive and tailored analysis of client’s business objectives, company culture and strategy, in order to find the most suitable candidates for the organization. The recruitment process is always promoted with confidence and rigour, taking care of personalized and high-quality candidate communication. 

Partnership & Decision-Making

Our specialists as strategic advisors

Our experts act as strategic advisors throughout the process. We not only find the best options, we help you make the right recruitment decisions. To ensure a successful selection, our experts meet with the potential candidate for at least 10 hours through various interviews and executive level psychological assessment. 

Support & Continuity of Cooperation

Commitment and Recruitment Guarantee

Confidentiality and transparency are the core values of our service. With every direct executive search, we include a 12-month recruitment guarantee, and during that time, we give support to the selected person. The executive will have access to coaching and psychologist support and services. This demonstrates our commitment to the success and satisfaction of both, the client and the chosen candidate.

Steps of the Executive Search process

Avila Executive Search is a tailored  process that begins with a comprehensive analysis of the organization as well as the role description of the assignment. We use our extensive database, which is enriched with various internal and external data sources, to support our search analysis — in this way we ensure that our decisions are always supported by up-to-date labour market data.


Initiating collaborati­on

  • Familiarisation with the organization and the project
  • Start of the executive direct search
  • Criteria definition, situation analysis and opening of the customer portal


Launch of the campaign

  • Internationally award-winning analytics and screening process
  • Candidate-specific analysis and presentation
  • Contacting candidates and Avila’s interview process


Implementa­tion in collaboration

  • Presentation of candidates and results
  • Interviews with the client
  • Executive Psychological Assessments


Selection & further steps

  • Reference check
  • Hiring decision and signing of the contract
  • Recruitment guarantee, manager support and coaching during 12 months

Our service promise

We know that success requires mastering several factors. Here is our service promise:


We always provide a personalized service that is customized to suit the organization’s needs.


We provide recommendations on the best solution models and support in the decision making throughout the process.


We lead with data, anticipate and report on our findings during the assignments.


We treat all information and process details with absolute confidentiality.

Candidate communication at the heart of success

Active dialogue with candidates

We maintain an open and transparent dialogue from the beginning of the recruitment process until the selection decision. We provide strategic thinking support and coaching throughout the process for both, the client and the candidates.

Tailored communication

Avila’s HR professional communicates to the candidates according to their industry.  Before contacting a candidate, we do a comprehensive research on the candidate profile, which contributes to the implementation of customized communication.

Strategic development

We always give our candidates the opportunity for mutual feedback. As part of our transparent communication model, we share candidates feedback from the process with the client. 


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