Efore Telecom Finland Oy – Psychological assessments bring objectivity and efficiency to recruitment decisions

Efore Telecom Finland Oy designs and manufactures reliable power system solutions and sources with over 40 years of experience. The international company’s standard and customised products are particularly suitable for demanding telecommunications, industrial and distribution applications. The company is based in Finland, with marketing, sales and product development activities in Northern Europe and Asia.

During 2023, the company hired new employees for critical positions such as Project Manager and System Validation Engineering. To ensure successful recruitments, Efore relies on Avila’s psychological assessments as part of their recruitment process.

We have been working with Avila for several months now, and their assessments have been an invaluable help in making the right recruitment decisions,” says Hanna Maunu, HR Business Partner at Efore.

Hanna Maunu is responsible for all stages of the company’s employee lifecycle, including new recruitment and strategic recruitment planning. At Efore, suitability assessments are used to avoid potential misrecruitment and to bring objectivity to the selection process.

Sometimes based only on interviews, it can be difficult to get an adequate picture of a candidate and how their working and operating style or, for example, stress tolerance would fit the role and our work community. The genuine added value of Avila’s services has been clearly demonstrated in situations where we have avoided potential mistake recruitment through a psychological assessment and subsequent debriefing,” says Maunu.

Psychology as an important factor in partner selection

When Hanna Maunu was choosing a partner to carry out the assessments in autumn 2023, one of the most important factors in the decision was psychology. In the assessments offered by Avila, psychologists are involved from the beginning to the end of the process.

I see a lot of added value by having Avila’s certified psychologists conducting the assessments. The criteria we have set for the role and our wishes regarding working styles and work personality are mapped out comprehensively and accurately by the psychologist. The psychologist is able to better identify aspects related to, for example, work personality and in this way ensure that not only the most qualified candidate is selected for the role, but also the most suitable professional for our work community,” says Maunu.

Soila Porkamaa, Avila’s assessment psychologist, explains that the assessment process starts with a comprehensive understanding of the working culture of the client organisation: “In the psychological assessment, it has been important to understand the working culture of Efore and what kind of people would be best suited to it. The assessment results are compared with the company’s wishes and the candidate’s suitability for the culture. This helps to ensure that the person fits into the organisation’s practices and atmosphere, which is important for the work community and the candidate’s success in the job,” comments Porkamaa.

Psychological assessments support Efore's employer image and bring efficiency to recruitment

Assessments in both Finnish and English have been carried out in an agile manner, and Efore’s need to assess candidates has been met even in a short timeframe. “During the collaborations, working with Avila has always been straightforward and smooth,” says Maunu, and continues, “During the process, our various stakeholders have always known what to do and where we stood. We have particularly liked the speed of the process and the active communication with the candidates as well.

At Efore, the assessment process is carried out in the final stages of the recruitment process. In Maunu’s experience, the suitability assessment brings clear efficiency to the recruitment process, even if it adds an extra step to the process in terms of time. In addition, in Efore’s recruitment activities, the assessment report has helped candidates who have been rejected to better understand the direction of the recruitment decision and the reasons for the selection.

“We want to ensure a positive candidate experience at every stage of the recruitment process. It is also important for us to communicate to candidates that we are an organisation that genuinely cares about the work community, and therefore wants to find the professional for the role who objectively best fits the defined criteria and our work community.”

Avila thanks Efore Telecom Finland Oy for their cooperation and wishes them success in 2024!



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