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With direct search, we help organizations find the right key people. We screen and reach out to potential candidates and help organization to select the most suitable employee for the role and organization.

Through our direct search, organization can build a strong and successful working community

Our modern and knowledge management based direct search methods ensures that organizations find the right employees at all skill levels. We know that success requires knowledge of the organization’s business and industry, as well as a comprehensive understanding of the job and candidate market.

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Why Avila?

Knowledge-Driven & Extensive Database

Innovative data-driven methods

We use award-winning screening and analytics processes to harness and refine our knowledge of the candidate and labour market. We enrich our extensive database with the help of various external and internal data sources. In this way, we ensure that the decisions and activities made during the direct search process are always supported by up-to-date and real-time data. 

Industry-specificity & Communication

Communication in accordance with the industry and employer image

We ensure that we communicate to candidates professionally and in accordance with their industry. We talk more than 12,000 hours with candidates each year. We guarantee that we convey organization’s values and culture in a way that attracts candidates to the opportunities it offers, whilst maintaining a positive employer image throughout the recruitment process. 

Values for the client & Process flow

Comprehensive direct search service and transparent process

Our data-driven process ensures that the search proceeds transparently and that all stakeholders understand the choices and decisions made in the direct search. We ensure that our services are perceived as high quality through a clear process and straightforward communication. We communicate openly and regularly, without overloading the recruiting manager. Our customer communications are supported by an easy-to-use customer portal that complies with GDPR regulations.

Steps of our Direct Search process

Our process ensures that the direct search proceeds consistently and within the agreed timeframe. Our psychological assessments support the recruitment decision. We share search analytics and our findings transparently throughout recruitment.


Initiating collaboration

  • Start within 24 hours of decision
  • Situational analysis, action plan and opening of the customer portal
  • Direct search project begins


Starting a direct search

  • Internationally award-winning analytics and screening process
  • Presentation of the candidate list
  • Direct contacting and Avila’s interviewing process


Implemen­tation in collabo­ration

  • Presentation of candidates and results
  • Interviews with the client
  • Psychological Assessments


Selection & Summary

  • Reference check
  • Recruitment decision and signing of the employment contract
  • Feedback and follow-up of the recruitment

Our service promise

We know that success requires mastering several factors. Here is our service promise:


We offer personalized service. We get to know the industry and organization and we communicate to candidates in accordance with the company’s values.


We lead with knowledge, anticipate and recommend the best solution models, and support in the decision-making.


Our experienced professionals ensure that our clients and candidates always receive a high quality and custom-tailored service.


We start the direct search inmediately after the recruitment decision. We always work within the agreed timeframe and guide the process with clear steps.

Candidate experience and employer image

Continuous dialogue with candidates

We maintain an open and transparent dialogue from the beginning of the recruitment process until the recruitment decision. We support candidates throughout the process and ensure a positive recruitment experience. We will always keep candidates informed about the progress of the recruitment and of any negative recruitment decisions.

Tailored communication

Avila’s HR professional communicates to the candidates according to their industry.  Each recruitment is supported by extensive research, which contributes to the implementation of a customised communication plan.

Feedback to the client

We always give our candidates the opportunity for mutual feedback. As part of our transparent communication model, we share candidates feedback from the process with the client. 

Our comprehensive direct search package for all expertise levels

Contact us, we will give you an exact quote within 24 hours. Prices VAT 0%. Transparent pricing model — no hidden costs or surprises.

Direct search

Specialists & Middle Management

  • Comprehensive and modern expert-level direct search
  • Psychological aptitude assessment for two candidates
  • Customer portal and reference check
  • 6 months recruitment guarantee

Starting at 5 900 €

High Demand

Roles in high demand & Management

  • Comprehensive and modern direct search for high-demand roles
  • Psychological aptitude assessment for two candidates
  • Customer portal and reference check
  • 6 months recruitment guarantee

Starting at 7 900 €


Management and Board of Directors

  • Recruitment of management and board member professionals
  • Executive level Psychological aptitude assessments
  • Customer portal
  • 12 months recruitment guarantee

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