Corporate responsibility

Recruitment services are very much at the heart of the working environment, where confidential information is shared and core professional issues are discussed, which requires us to take the highest level of responsibility when handling information.

Trust and accountability at the heart of recruitment

As organisation, we are committed to the following principles of responsibility:


Processing of data

  • We comply with the principles of the GDPR data protection regulation
  • Highest degree of professionalism in handling confidential information
  • High-quality and data-protected digital workspaces
  • Continuous testing and improvement of data security

Client and candidate communication

  • Get to know and commit to your organisation’s objectives, business and strategy
  • We always communicate with a trustworthy approach and in line with your organisation’s values
  • We ensure an excellent candidate experience, whatever the outcome of the recruitment process for the candidate

Professional ethics

  • Recruitment consultants act with respect and confidentiality for all parties involved
  • Aptitude assessments are carried out by qualified psychologists and follow the guidelines of the Psychological Association
  • Candidates always receive written versions of the reports of the psychological aptitude assessments for themselves, in addition to the client

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