Avila is the winner of the 2023 LinkedIn Talent Awards in the category “Talent Insights Pioneer, Search & Staffing”.

Avila has won the LinkedIn Talent Awards 2022 in the Talent Insights Pioneer, Search & Staffing category. This award is presented to a Nordic recruitment and executive search company that has effectively leveraged data to make data-driven decisions in real-time.

“Our victory in the LinkedIn Talent Awards 2022 demonstrates the seriousness of our commitment to data-driven leadership and its integration into our executive search and psychological suitability assessment services,” said Matias Saarni, Avila’s Key Account Manager.

LinkedIn Talent Awards are awarded annually to companies in various regions and countries that have effectively and successfully utilized LinkedIn’s solutions as part of their HR and recruitment operations. “Talent Awards are a celebration of teams around the world who are innovating to move the entire industry forward,” commented Josefin Bergenlind, LinkedIn’s Account Director, Nordics.

“From the very beginning, Avila has believed that executive search assignments can be carried out more efficiently and with higher quality when available data is collected, utilized, and processed correctly,” said Mikko Savusalo, Avila’s CEO & Service Manager. He continued, “We are truly proud and delighted that our work has been recognized on a broader scale at the Nordic level. This effort has involved a lot of hard work, numerous work hours, and hundreds of brainstorming sessions to promote data-driven recruitment and data-driven leadership.”

The Talent Awards gala took place in Stockholm

The LinkedIn Talent Awards event and award ceremony were held in Stockholm in March. The winners in various categories gathered to celebrate their victories and discuss changes and trends in the recruitment industry.

Topics of discussion at the event included remote work and the opportunities and challenges it brings. Notably, LinkedIn’s new research indicated that 85% of leaders believe in remote work and want to increase workplace flexibility, but only 12% of senior management positions believe it increases productivity. Additionally, discussions were sparked by the competency-based approach to recruitment. According to LinkedIn, organizations have started adopting a competency and skill-based recruitment model, valuing candidates’ skills more than ever before, and no longer relying on superficial signals like previous employers or job titles.

Data-driven recruitment has long been a topic of discussion in the recruitment market. Its integration into recruitment processes is generally seen as a challenge, noted Josefin Bergenlind. Bergenlind mentioned that this is why Avila’s victory in the Talent Insights Pioneer category is one of the most intriguing award categories: “This category is one of the most important ones – recruiting industry has talked a lot about data-driven, but only few are acting on this. These companies will be the ones showing us the way in the near future.”

A big thank you to LinkedIn Talent Solutions for honoring our work, and congratulations to the entire Avila team for the victory!




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