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Advertised search and tailored recruitment services can be flexibly adapted to different needs. We help organizations with advertised search solutions that help you find the right talent quickly and cost-effectively whilst supporting the organization’s employer image.

Optimized advertised search for high quality results

Advertised search help organizations to recruit staff for both individual and larger scale projects. We guarantee an easy and effective recruitment process, where the client only focuses on the final interview and the selection of the right candidate. The campaign reaches the highest quality of active and passive candidates, while effectively supporting and developing the organization’s employer image.

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Why Avila?

Message & Channel

A compelling message to the right channels

Advertised search is an effective and efficient recruitment tool when an appealing message reaches the target audience in the right channels. With over 12 000 candidate interview hours per year, we design and tailor the right communication message for candidates. In addition, we select the best media channels to reach the most potential candidates.

Process & Support

Professional recruiter behind the details

The aim is to find the best possible candidate for the organization and to endorse the employer’s image throughout the process. The recruitment consultant acts as a contact person for candidates. As the process moves forward, candidates go through Avila’s interview process, from which we give our recommendations for the most suitable candidates. The client company focuses only on final interviews and making the right selection decision.

Time & cost savings

Efficient and smooth ensemble

We run a clear process where the client simply interviews and selects the best candidate. We organize and take care of the rest. We are responsible for planning and promoting the agreed schedule, carrying out the recruitment work and supporting in the final recruitment decision through written reference reports and psychological assessments. 

Stages of Advertised Search

An outsourced recruitment campaign saves time and is cost effective. Recruitment professionals select the appropriate channels for the advertisement and help build an attractive and eye-catching job advertisement. We screen and interview candidates, as well as support in assessing suitability and checking references. The client is responsible for the final interviews and the recruitment decision.


Initiating collaboration

  • Start within 24 hours of decision
  • Advertised search opening meeting
  • Action plan and opening of the customer portal


Advertised search begins

  • Selection of right recruitment channels and designing the campaign
  • Possible integration with the client’s ATS system
  • Avila’s interview process, candidate screening and support


Implementation in collaboration

  • Presentation of candidates and results
  • Interviews with the client
  • Psychological assessments


Selection decision & summary

  • Reference review and written report
  • Hiring decision and signing of the employment contract and
  • Recruitment guarantee

Our service promise

We know that success requires mastering several factors. Here is our service promise:


Outsourcing advertised search saves time and costs. We always offer a service tailored to your needs.


When working with us, you get a price advantage of -20% from the list prices of the advertisement channels.


Experienced recruitment consultants ensure that stakeholders and candidates always receive quality service.


We take care of optimizing time – we always work within agreed schedules and guide the process with clear steps.

Candidate experience and employer image

Continuous dialogue with candidates

We maintain an open and transparent dialogue from the beginning of the recruitment process until the recruitment decision. We support candidates throughout the process and ensure a positive recruitment experience. We will always keep candidates informed about the progress of the recruitment and of any negative recruitment decisions.

Feedback to the client

We always give our candidates the opportunity for mutual feedback. As part of our transparent communication model, we share candidates feedback from the process with the client. 

Smart pricing models

Contact us, we will give you an exact quote within 24 hours. Prices VAT 0%. Transparent pricing model — no hidden costs or surprises.

Advertisement search


  • Selection of advertisement channels and writing and advertising text
  • Recruitment advertisement in one selected channel
  • Avila’s interview process and reference check
  • Support and active communication to all stakeholders

4 490 €

Advertisement search


  • Selection of advertisement channels and writing and advertising text
  • Recruitment advertisement in two channels
  • Avila’s interview process and reference check
  • Cognitive ability assessment for two candidates

4 990 €

Advertisement search


  • Selection of advertisement channels and writing and advertising text
  • Recruitment advertisement in two channels
  • Avila’s interview process and reference check
  • Psychological aptitude assessment for two candidates

5 990 €


Contact us, we’ll be happy to help you find your next key employee.


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